Lists For Discontinued and No Longer Supported Humminbird Fish Finders

Each year, typically around October, Humminbird is releasing new products. Along with new releases, various older Hummingbird fish finders are discontinued, due to inavailability of parts, non-efficient costs etc. However, even though some of the fish finder units are announced (or not) as discontinued, tech support and software update is still supported.

Now, for 2014, two whole series were discontinued, along with quite a few products from other series. So, here’s a list of fish finders that are no longer available.

Humminbird 700 series: 798ci HD SI Combo, 788ci HD DI Combo, 788ci HD Combo, 778c HD, 728, 797c SI Combo.

Humminbird 500 series: 597ci HD DI Combo, 571 HD DI, 571 HD DI Portable, 561 DI, 561, 581i HD DI Combo, 581i Combo, 596c HD, 596c HD DI, 586c HD, 570 Portable, 570 DI Portable, 570 DI, 570, 587ci HD Combo.

These two series were replaced by the Humminbird 600 series. So, basically each 600 series unit, combines a set of features similar at least one model from both discontinued series, with a more acceptable price.

Other discontinued fish finders are:

Humminbird 1100 series: 1198c SI Combo, 1158c DI Combo, 1158c Combo. These were replaced by 1199 HD SI Combo, 1159ci HD XD Combo, 1159 HD DI Combo.

Humminbird 900 series: 998c SI Combo, 958c Combo, 958c DI Combo. These were replaced by the 999ci HD SI Combo, 959ci HD XD Combo, 959ci HD DI Combo.

Humminbird 800 series: 898c SI Combo, 858c Combo, 858c DI Combo. These were replaced by the 899ci HD SI Combo, 859ci HD XD Combo, 859ci HD DI Combo.

Also, here’s a list of fish finders and other accessories that are no longer supported by Humminbird: