Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 120 Review

Humminbird Fishin' Buddy 120

Fishin' Buddy 120

A bit more advanced and a few bucks more expensive than the Fishin’ Buddy 110, the Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 120 is also a low cost fish and depth finder, pretty useful to track fish.

The head unit of the Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 120 has a display a bit better than the 110 model, 8 level grayscale, which offer better clarity, with 240 x 160 pixel resolution. The dimension of the screen is the same though, 4-inch diagonal.

This fish finder has a Single Beam sonar, but it can be adjusted for a down scan or side scan. The side scan sonar has a beam of 10° and the down scan a beam of 34°, but pretty accurate. The side scan is pretty cool because it actually lets you know where to cast. Down scan is quite reliable up to 240 feet depths and side scan up to 120 feet.

The transducer is mounted at the end of a 24-inch pole, which comes with a clamp mount which can be used to fix the fish finder on basically any small boat, kayac or float tube. However, make sure you’re not sailing at a high speed, it might fall off. Plus, the returns of this Hummingbird fish finder are more accurate on lower speeds.

Although this fish finder doesn’t have GPS or any other navigational possibilities, offers great results in tracking fish. You will get an idea of their dimentions, the depth they’re swimming at, and of course, their location. Also, you will be able to make a good idea on how the bottom looks like, the water depth and temperature.

All in all, the Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 120 is a model designed for small boats, portable, focused on finding fish, and pretty much affordable.