Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 140c Review

Humminbird Fishin' Buddy 140c

Fishin' Buddy 140c

The Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 140c is a color portable unit, designed for small boats. Does not have GPS or navigational features, but it makes quite a nice tool for tracking fish.

It has a 3.5-inch display 256 color TFT, 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Although it does not have Side Imaging and Down Imaging, the screen shows great detail and you will be able to determine correctly where the fish are. Plus, you’ll always know the depth and water temperature.

The transducer is mounted at the end of an extendable pole, from 24-inch to 40-inch long. Therefore, even if you’re in a bigger boat, you’ll be able to reach the water with this device and use the Fishin’ Buddy 140c with no problem.

The sonar of the Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 140c has two operating modes, releasing a down beam and a side beam. The down beam is 34° wide, and provides a focused view of the bottom, showing the fish that come directly under the transducer. The side beam is narrower —> 10°, but provides less condensed returns. However, the side scan feature is quite great because you’ll know about where to cast, and you will know for sure that the fish where the SideFinding beam has spotted them.

This fish finder has a power output of up to 1000 Watts PTP, which makes it quite reliable for scanning waters up to 240 feet deep.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder Fishin’ Buddy 140c really is a flexible unit, you don’t have to install any wiring. You just attach it to your boat with its ergonomic clamp mount.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a professional fish finder, with GPS and chartplotting capabilities, click here: