Hummingbird Fish Finders – TriBeam and QuadraBeam Sonars

Most Hummingbird Fish Finders have DualBeam Plus or DualBeam sonar technology, but there are models equipped with QuadraBeam and TriBeam sonars, there are fish finder models that can be equipped with these types of sonars.

In this post I’m going to explain how a QuadraBeam and TriBeam sonar works and what are the advantages of these types of sonar.

QuadraBeam Sonar

QuadraBeam Sonar

As its name suggests it, a QuadraBeam sonar uses four sonar beams working together to provide the angler with a better underwater scan.

The two main sonar beams at center are the ones that DualBeam sonar has. The 200 kHz / 20° focused on the bottom, which provides a narrower but better detail, and the 83 kHz / 60° sonar beam with a wider coverage, focused on locating fish that pass under the boat.

The other two sonar beams, 455 kHz / 35° are emitted on both sides of the boat, respectively on both sides of the 20° beam, so in total, you will benefit from a 90° coverage. Therefore, a QuadraBeam sonar allows you to scan for structures and fish, an area of water equal to twice your depth.

Your Hummingbird fish finder head unit should display in split-screen, the 20° or 60° beam returns in the upper part of the screen, and both 35° sonar returns on the lower part of your screen.

Havind a better coverage from side-to-side, you will understand better where the fish are in relation to your boat. Therefore, you will know better where to place your bait and where to throw your lines.

TriBeam Sonar

TriBeam Sonar

The TriBeam sonar technology is similar to the QuadraBeam, but in this case, as the terminology suggests it, there are only three sonar beams: the 20° one, focused on the bottom and the 35° ones on the sides. You will still benefit from a 90° coverage, but without the 60° sonar beam, which may be useful in certain circumstances.

Side Finding Sonar

The Hummingbird Fish Finders in the Fishin’ Buddy series, although do not feature QuadBeam, TriBeam or DualBeam sonar, they come with SideFinding sonar technology, along with the down beam.

These fish finders have a Downlooking beam of 34° (200 kHz) and a SideFinding Beam of 10° (455 kHz). Since the Fishin’ Buddy fish finders are built specifically, you can direct the side scan beam turning the fish finder’s pole in the direction you please.