Hummingbird Fish Finder 386ci Combo Review

The Humminbird 386ci Combo is one of the smaller units which have quite a bundle of options. First of all, even though it has a small screen, 3.5″ diagonal with a 320×240 pixel resolution, it has a LED display, 256 color TFT. Of course, if you’re using a fish finder just for tracking read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder 571 HD DI Portable Review

The Humminbird 571 HD DI Portable is one of the latest models in the Humminbird 500 series. So far, it’s one of the best monochrome units with Down Imaging that you can have.

It features a 5-inch diagonal, 16 LvL Grayscale screen, 640X320 pixel resolution. Even though it’s black and white, it provides excellent, crystal-clear images, with very little noise, making it very easy to distinguish between structures, vegetation and fish.

This unit is equipped with a sensitive sonar, Dual Beam read more

Dual Beam vs Tri Beam Sonar

If you’re trying to decide between a dual beam and a tri beam sonar fish finder, to make sure you get the one that fits best to your needs, I hope this post will help.

First of all, this is how a dual beam and a tri beam works.

A dual beam sonar projects two concentric cone sonic beams into the water, directly under the boat, under the transducer, to be more specific. One is wider, with a 60° opening, and will help you find stuff faster, because it scans more water. However, read more

Best Humminbird Fish Finders in 2015

Are you looking for a quality fish finder? In that case, you’ve come to the right place. In here, I will present the top 5 Humminbird Fish Finders which will take your fishing experience to maximum! Using one of the top-quality, professional Hummingbird fish finders, you will get a hold of a wide range of fishfinding options. You will get crystal-clear imaging, laser-targeted tracking results, even in the murkiest read more