A Few Things To Know About Humminbird Ice Flashers

Humminbird ice flashers are fish finders designed for stationary use, for fishing on ice. They are nothing more than portable sonar units, and allow the angler “to see” the bottom, their jig or bait, and see if there are any fish directly under the sonar, or if any fish follow the jig.

Ice flashers cannot be used on a moving boat, and also their transducer cannot be used with a Humminbird unit designed for boats, such as one from the 300, 600, or 900 series. However, when it comes to read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 176i Portable Review

As its name suggests, this fish finder is the portable version of the Piranhamax 176i. It basically has the same features, having a 4-inch diagonal, backlit, LCD display, 16 Level Grayscale, and a pixel resolution of 240V X 160H.

It has Dual Beam sonar, with a coverage of 28° / 200kHz and 16° / 455kHz. The depth capability of the Piranhamax 176i Portable is 600 ft., the unit having a power output of 200 Watts (RMS) / 1600 Watts (PTP).

The standard transducer of this unit is an XNT-9-28 w/ MHX-XNPT, read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 176i Review

Hummingbird Fish Finders - PiranhaMax 176i

If you’re looking for a basic, monochrome fish finder at an affordable price, that also has GPS, the PiranhaMax 176i may be exactly what you need. This unit has a 4-inch diagonal display, 16 Level Grayscale, with a 240V x 160H pixel resolution and backlight.

It has a depth capability of 600 ft., having a power output of 200 Watts (RMS) / 1600 Watts (PTP). It has Dual Beam sonar technology, therefore it can operate at two frequencies: 200 kHz, with a 28° view, and 455 kHz, with a narrower, read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder ION 10 Review

Hummingbird Fish Finders - ION 10

Along with the ION 12, and the units of the ONIX series, the Humminbird ION 10 stands atop the list of the best fish finding and navigation units provided by Humminbird. It basically offers the same features as the ION 12, only with a smaller screen, and without the wireless connectivity to the web.

ION 10 features a 10.4-inch diagonal display, high-definition and full color TFT (16.7 mm colors), with a 1024H x 768V pixel resolution, and LED backlight. The screen of this unit has the specific ION read more