How To Catch Peacock Bass – Tackle for Peacock Bass

As the name suggests, peacock bass are beautiful fish, endowed extraordinary fighting qualities which makes them prized fish by sports fishermen. Very often travel agencies organize fishing trips to Florida, Hawaii or Brazil, having as main goal the fishing of peacock bass.

There are quite a few species of peacock bass, but when it comes to their fishing methods, tackle and baits, they?re pretty much the same for all of them. Many anglers actually use the same tackle as they would use for read more

Fly Knots

If you’re an angler that loves trout fishing, or fly fishing in general, I’m sure that you will find at least one or two of the knots described in this post.¬†Although the knots pointed out in this infographic are meant for tying flies or for fly rigs, they sure can be applied for a much wider variety of rigs. So, here’s a bunch of knots that any fly fisherman should master.

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How To Catch Burbot – Burbot Tackle

Burbot are fish that don’t generate a lot of buzz, in general, among anglers. That’s because in most cases, they share the same habitats with other, more interesting game fish, like steelheads, pike, walleye, smallmouths or largemouths. Plus, they’re nocturnal, they’re “winter” fish, and they’re not that easy to catch any time during daytime, especially in summer time.

If you haven?t caught read more

How To Catch Carp – Carp Tackle

Although it’s considered an inferior fish in the U.S. and Australia, carp is at the top of game fish in Europe. This post is focused on how to catch common carp (Cyprinus carpio), however, most other species can be caught with about the same tackle, baits, maybe with slightly different rigs.

Where to Catch Carp

Various species of carp can be caught all over Europe and Asia, the continents of their origin. But since it?s one of the world?s most invasive species, it can be found in many rivers and read more