How to Catch Mahi-mahi – Tackle for Mahi-mahi

Mahi-mahi, dorado or dolphin fish, are some of the most beautiful fish of the seas. They’re also some of the fastest growing fish, being able to reach their average 15-25 lb. weight in less than two years.

They’re sought by anglers for their size, beauty, and food quality, but mostly because the quality of their fishing. Also, they are the easiest to catch among the game, blue water fish. Once hooked, a mahi-mahi fights strenuously, with acrobatic jumps, similar to blue marlin.

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7 Useful Tips For Surf Fishing

Surf Fisherman

1. Surf fishing is dynamic. You have to search for the fish, or for a good fishing spot, rather than waiting for the fish to come and grab your bait. That’s why it’s best to use only one rod. If you will want to use multiple rods, you’ll basically become tied to a smaller portion of the shore, and it’s best to never go to far from them, because a big one can always bits and break one of your rods before you reach it, break the line or simply unhooking itself.

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