Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 143 Review

Hummingbird Fish Finders - PiranhaMAX 143

The PiranhaMAX 143 is one of the most basic fish finders from Humminbird at the moment. Although it may not be the most suitable choice for tracking fish on saltwater, if fishing from a kayak or small boat on a lake or river, it can serve its purpose excellently.

The PiranhaMAX 143 comes with a small head unit, with a 4-inch diagonal screen, 160V X 128H pixel resolution, 4 Level Grayscale monochrome display, with backlight. Regarding its fish finding capabilities, this unit comes with a Single read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c Portable Review

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 345 Portable is a model focused exclusively on locating fish. Does not have any GPS capabilities, which makes it a bit cheaper. Since it’s a portable unit it comes with a very neat carry case and the package also includes the AGM battery and its charger.

Although it has a small screen, 3.5-inch diagonal wide, with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution, the display is brilliant color, 256 TFT, with LED backlight. This allows a very nice readability even in direct sunlight.

The read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c Review

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c unit is another Humminbird model without GPS and chartplotting features, designed exclusively for finding fish. Although it’s a small unit, it performs slightly better than other superior fish finders in the 500 series.

Similar to the Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c Portable, this unit has a 3.5-inch brilliant color display, with LED backlight. read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder 728 Review

Humminbird 728

Although it doesn’t have a flashy full color HD screen, the black and white 5″, 16 level greyscale, 640V x 320H display featured by the Hummingbird Fish Finder 728 is still not a bad  for the recreational fisherman. Once you get used to it, it will become as reliable as a full color one. And the fish, structures or trees found on the bottom can be distinguished quite clearly on this unit’s screen.

Although a black and white, cheaper unit, this read more