Hummingbird Fish Finder 571 HD DI Review

This is another Humminbird unit that provides the basic fish finding features, plus Down Imaging.

The Humminbird 571 HD DI is a monochrome unit, with quite a wide screen, 5-inch in diagonal, 640 x 320 pixel resolution 16 LvL greyscale. It’s an HD unit, delivering images of higher accuracy, in SwitchFire and Down Imaging.

It’s sonar capabilities are similar to the ones of the 561 DI model: 00 kHz / 28° or 455 kHz / 16° in SwitchFire mode, and 800 kHz / 45° or 455 kHz / 75° in DI mode. read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 175 Portable Review

The PiranhaMax 175 PT is also an inexpensive fish finder. On most dealers it’s usually under $140. Evidently with the small price also comes a smaller number of options.

First of all, it’s a monochrome fish finder. It features a 4-inch diagonal display, 16 level grayscale, with a 240×160 pixel resolution. However, it provides all the features needed for tracking fish and improving your data gathering for your fishing conditions. In other words, it measures depth and water temperature, read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder Piranhamax 196ci Review

The Humminbird PiranhaMax 196ci is also a new model released in 2013. It’s one of the smallest units featuring GPS and trackplotting. And when it comes to its trackplotting capabilities, it can store up to 2,000 points, and 500 waypoints.

Since it’s a new released model, it has the new flat layout, and even though it’s a small unit, it has color screen (256 color). Like most fish finders in the Piranhamax read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 165 Portable Review

This Piranhamax model comes to replace the 160 Portable. Although the two units are quite similar, there are a few differences between them.

First of all, the Humminbird Piranhamax 165 PT has a better display than the older model, featuring a 240 x 160 pixel resolution, on a 4-inch diagonal screen, 8 level grayscale. This new screen provides a better, clearer image.

On the other hand, the 165 Portable does not have a dual beam sonar. It’s has only single beam sonar capabilities, projecting read more

Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 175 Review

The PiranhaMax 175 is another brand new unit, released in 2013, and it actually takes the place of the PiranhaMax 170.

It has a black and white screen, 16 Level Grayscale, 4-inch diagonal wide display, and a pixel resolution of 240X160. It has a different layout from the PiranhaMax 170, and comes with a tilt and swivel mount. The older version, the 170, has only a fixed mount type.

Although it’s a small unit, it’s capable of accurately scanning waters up to 600 feet deep. Has dual beam read more