Using Squid As Bait – A Few Things To Know

Squid is one of the best “all around” baits an angler can have. It’s quite effective, it’s fairly cheap, comes frozen and you won’t have to go through the trouble of keeping it alive (unless of course, you choose to fish with live squid). Squid strips also go very well in combination with other baits, creating very appealing presentations for various fish that you may target.

As rule of thumb, if you want to use squid as bait, it’s best to opt for the thickest read more

How To Catch Red Grouper – Tackle For Red Grouper

Red grouper are beautiful fish that can weight very heavy on the hook, even when caught in smaller sizes. They’re tough predators, can put quite a fight and can provide the angler with a lot of thrill.

Red grouper fishing has its own particularities. Therefore, if you want to target these fish, here are a few that you should know about the tackle to use, baits and places to find them.

Red Grouper – Habitat and Habits

Red grouper’s habitat is limited to the eastern coast of the Americas, ranging from North Carolina (US) read more

Fishing For Catfish – 3 Things To Know About Catfish Bait

The catfish is one of the existent fresh water sharks. Of course, it’s not part of the shark family, but it can grow to very large sizes and they will basically eat whatever moves near their dwelling and fits through their enormous throat.

In the southern U.S. these fish are caught using just bare hands, and they call this type of fishing – noodling. I don’t know about you, but I surely wouldn’t venture myself into those deep, murky waters and put my hand into the mouth read more