Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 196ci PT Review

PiranhaMax 196ci PT

PiranhaMax 196ci PT

A portable fish finder such as the PiranhaMax 196ci PT, can be very useful if you have to rent a boat, to adapt to a kayak, or simply to have it with you, just in case. Just like the other Humminbird PiranhaMax units, the 196ci PT is a small unit, 3.5-inch diagonal screen, 320V x 240H pixel resolution, but with a backlit, color TFT display, covering a palette of 256 colors.

This fish finder has a depth capability of 600 ft., and it’s equipped with a Dual Beam sonar, which can operate at two frequencies: 200 kHz with a 28° view, or 455 kHz with a 16°, more focused view. Since it does not have Dual Beam Plus sonar technology, both sonar returns cannot be observed simultaneously, in split screen. Also, this unit does not have the Selective FishID+ view, however it does have the temperature measurement function.

It has a power output of 200 Watts (RMS) / 1600 Watts (PTP), with a standard transducer Portable XNT 9 29 T w / MHX XNPT.

This unit also has basic navigational features, such as an internal GPS antenna. Can store up to 500 waypoints, and 2,000 trackpoints. Does not support any cartography though.

Last but not least, the 196ci PT comes with the case, batteries and charger. And due to the fact that Humminbird has discontinued this products, discounts are available.