Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 195c Review

PiranhaMax 195c

The PiranhaMax 195c is one of the fish finders with a new layout, released in 2013. It’s somewhat similar to the PiranhaMax 190c but has a few better features.

First of all, this unit has a 3.5-inch diagonal screen, with a 320X240 pixel resolution, 256 color TFT, similar to the PiranhaMax 190c, however it has a different design than the older PiranaMax models. It looks more like a smartphone. It comes with a tilt and swivel mount, as opposed from the old 190c, which features a fixed mount.

The PiranhaMax 195c has dual beam sonar. Although not that powerful like the dual beam sonar of the fish finders in the superior series, this one is reliable in waters up to 600 feet deep. Projects two sonic beams, one of 28° (200kHz) and one of 16° (455kHz) , allowing wider or a narrower, but more focused scan of the bottom. It does not have a split-screen option though, so you can’t observe both the returns at the same time.

Requires one 12V battery (which does not come with the box), and comes with a 1 year warranty, like all the other Humminbird fish finder models.

All in all, this unit is great for a small boat, easy to use without too many sophisticated features. It’s not a bad choice for the price, does everything a fish finder should do, in other words, tracks fish, measures depth and water temperature and will surely improve your angling experience.