Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 175 Review

PiranhaMax 175

The PiranhaMax 175 is another brand new unit, released in 2013, and it actually takes the place of the PiranhaMax 170.

It has a black and white screen, 16 Level Grayscale, 4-inch diagonal wide display, and a pixel resolution of 240X160. It has a different layout from the PiranhaMax 170, and comes with a tilt and swivel mount. The older version, the 170, has only a fixed mount type.

Although it’s a small unit, it’s capable of accurately scanning waters up to 600 feet deep. Has dual beam sonar technology, projecting two sonic beams for scanning the bottom for fish. The narrower beam, 16° (455kHz), provides a more accurate view, while the wider beam, 28° (200kHz) allows you to scan more water, but with less accurate results.

Like many other fish finder models, this one has the Fish ID+ option, a different way of the unit to interpret the sonar returns, displaying the fish on the screen with fish symbols and their associated depth.

The PiranhaMax 175 is powered by a 12V battery (not included) and comes with a 1 year warranty.

It’s quite a useful fish finder for the price. Even though it does not have GPS and other features, it will surely help you with the locating of your fish, provide information about the water temperature and depth, and overall, improve your angling results.