Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 175 Portable Review

PiranhaMax 175 Portable

The PiranhaMax 175 PT is also an inexpensive fish finder. On most dealers it’s usually under $140. Evidently with the small price also comes a smaller number of options.

First of all, it’s a monochrome fish finder. It features a 4-inch diagonal display, 16 level grayscale, with a 240×160 pixel resolution. However, it provides all the features needed for tracking fish and improving your data gathering for your fishing conditions. In other words, it measures depth and water temperature, along with the main function of tracking fish. Like most units, it has the Fish ID+ feature, which simplifies the returns of the sonar by a lot, showing on the screen which ones of the objects detected are fish, also pointing out the depth where they’re located.

The Humminbird PiranhaMax 175 PT has Dual Beam sonar, having two sonar modes, one for a wider coverage (200kHz / 28° coverage) and a more powerful one, but with a more condensed sonic beam (455 kHz / 16° coverage). It’s reliable for depths up to 600 ft, and has a power output of 200 Watts (RMS).

Since it’s a portable unit, comes with the specific portable case, suction cup transducer, 7AH battery and charger. It’s an excellent unit for fishing in lakes where you have to rent a boat, since the tansducer can easily be mounted/dismounted via the suction cup. However, make sure you attach it on a clean, metal surface if possible, so it doesn’t detach.

Like all other fish finders from Humminbird, it has 1 year warranty.