Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 165 Review

PiranhaMax 165

One of the newest Piranhamax models, and also one of the simplest and the cheapest (under $100), the Piranhamax 165 is still an excellent fish finding unit. Although it doesn’t offer a thick bundle of options, it’s still a great unit for what an angler needs to know the most: where the fish are, what’s the water temperature, what’s the depth and the structure of the bottom.

The head unit of the Piranhamax 165 is similar to the other PM models released in 2013. It has a monochrome display, 8 level grayscale, 4-inch diagonal screen, 240×160 pixel resolution. It has the Fish ID feature which makes it easier to see the depth of the fish.

Although it has only a single beam sonar (455kHz / 28°), this unit is listed to be reliable for depths up to 600 feet. I wouldn’t recommend it for fishing at such depths, though. However, on a lake that’s only 150-200 feet deep, this unit should be quite useful. The power output of this unit is 100 Watts (RMS).

Comes with a 1 year warranty.