Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 165 Portable Review

PiranhaMax 165 Portable

This Piranhamax model comes to replace the 160 Portable. Although the two units are quite similar, there are a few differences between them.

First of all, the Humminbird Piranhamax 165 PT has a better display than the older model, featuring a 240 x 160 pixel resolution, on a 4-inch diagonal screen, 8 level grayscale. This new screen provides a better, clearer image.

On the other hand, the 165 Portable does not have a dual beam sonar. It’s has only single beam sonar capabilities, projecting one beam of 28° (200kHz). Even though it’s specified to be reliable in waters up to 600 ft, I would recommend it only for shallow water fish tracking, up to 250-300 ft.

The transducer is to be fixed with a suction cup, therefore you don’t have to drill any holes in a boat, which makes it a perfect unit for lake or river in-land waters, when you have to use a rental boat.

Just like any other portable fish finder from Humminbird, this unit comes to with a protective, carrying case. The box also contains the fish finder’s charger and a 7AH battery.