Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 160 Review

Hummingbird PiranhaMax 160

PiranhaMax 160

One of the very simple and easy to use models, the Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 160 is also quite an inexpensive one. And in this case being “cheap” doesn’t mean low grade. Although it doesn’t have a wide range of features, this fish finder does it’s job smoothly if used according to its specs.

The Hummingbird PiranhaMax 160 is quite a small unit, has a 4 inches diagonal screen, 4 level grayscale, with a pixel resolution of 160 x 128. Although the display is black and white, the images are really easy to read and interpret. When it locates fish, you’ll always know their depth, and it will also present you with a pretty good view of the bottom structure and contour.

The PiranhaMax 160 is equipped with a Dual Beam sonar, which works fine up to 600 ft. It can operate in two modes: 200 kHz, launching a 20° beam, which will provide you with a more condensed but accurate return, and 83 kHz with a wider sonic beam of 60°.

This small fish finder does not have any navigational capabilities, Side Imaging or Down Imaging, but it’s a nice piece of electronic fishing equipment for tracking fish for the price, excellent choice for the recreational fisherman.

Like all the other Hummingbird fish finders, the PiranhaMax 160 comes with a one year warranty.