Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 160 Portable Review

Humminbird PiranhaMax 160 Portable

PiranhaMax 160 Portable

A bit more advanced than the PiranhaMax 150, the Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 160 Portable is also one of the cheap Hummingbird fish finders. Although it’s not a super flashy fish finder, this unit is quite reliable for tracking fish and due to the portability, it sure is quite a flexible unit.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 160 Portable features a monochrome display, 160 x 128 pixel resolution, with a 4-inch diagonal, similar to the PiranhaMax 150 Portable. The difference between the PiranhaMax 150 and PiranhaMax 160 is the sonar technology. This unit is equipped with a Dual Beam sonar, which operates at 200 kHz / 20° and 83 kHz / 60°. Since you benefit from two sonar views, you can scan the water differently for a wider or more accurate return.

Since it’s a portable device, it includes a carrying case, which comes in the same box, included in the same price with the fishfinder. The transducer is also portable, provided with a suction cup as a fixation device. Also, you will get a 7AH battery built to last and charger for it, so you’ll be able to run your fish finder for a long time, especially if you’re on an extended fishing trip.

Although the Hummingbird Fish Finder PiranhaMax 160 Portable does not have Side Imaging, Down Imaging and SwitchFire technology, or any navigational abilities, the Fish ID option is quite reliable. The unit can process the returns from the sonar and determine whether are fish or not, providing you with information about the fish size and the depth they swim at.

All in all, this Hummingbird fish finder is quite flexible, cheap and yet very effective for tracking fish. Even with a monochome 4 level grayscale screen you can still figure out pretty well what’s going on in the water under your boat, how to bottom looks like, where the fish are and where to throw your lines.

Beginning with 2013, a new model – PiranhaMax 165 Portable – will be released, model which will actually take the place of the 160 one in the PiranhaMax series.