Humminbird Fish Finder ONIX8ci NT Combo Review

Humminbird ONIX8ci NT Combo

Humminbird ONIX8ci NT Combo

If you want a Humminbird ONIX unit and you want to save a bundle on it, there’s good news for you! Humminbird has launched at the beginning of this year several, more affordable units, the ONIX NTs (non-tactile) models, which don’t incorporate the CrossTouch technology. Evidently, this cuts a considerable chunk from each unit’s price, but without actually leaving out any sonar and navigation features.

The ONIX8ci NT Combo is one of these new units. It’s not much different from the ONIX8ci Combo, only it doesn’t have a touchscreen. Anyway, let’s see what this unit can do for you.

Like all Humminbird units, this model comes with a transducer. It’s a transom type transducer, with dual frequency covering 200 kHz (20° beam) and 83 kHz (60° beam). The unit however can support 50 kHz frequencies and can work with a more powerful, Xtreme Depth transducer, for deep water fishing. With the included transducer, the unit’s depth capability can reach 1500 ft. However with a standard 50 kHz transducer, the unit can be used at depths up to 5,000 ft, while with a CHIRP Ethernet sonar module, this unit can reach depths up to 10,000 ft. CHIRP technology isn’t included with the unit though.

The ONIX8ci NT Combo features Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This means that the unit is quite a bit more intelligent than the previous models, and can distinguish between noise, structure and fish, in order to filter the screen better, to provide a clearer view. The unit has SwitchFire as well, which provides quick filtering, from full sonar information on screen in Max Mode, to clutter-free information, focusing only on the most important sonar returns.

The transducer incorporates a temperature probe, while the unit features a Temperature Graph function, which can help a lot in monitoring the variations of water temperature for various fishing spots.

This unit includes several other, very useful sonar functions, such as Sonar Recording, Selective FishID+, Fish Alarms, and Mark Structure. The Sonar Recording function is great if you want to review sonar later, show the returns to your friends, or load the data into your computer via an SD card adapter, to attach to maps. This goes for snapshots as well. This function requires an data SD card loaded into the unit for recording.

The Selective FishID+ simply gives fish icons to sonar returns interpreted as fish. It’s a more intuitive sonar function, which can help in case there’s a lot of clutter in the water column under the transducer.

Lastly, although this unit does not support Side Imaging or Down Imaging, it does support 360 Imaging. The gear for this type of sonar is available separately though.

The ONIX8ci NT Combo from Humminbird does not offer fancy sonar features as other units. However, it does come with quite bunch of highly advanced GPS features. First of all, it includes the Humminbird TriFuel charts pack, which offers a combination of chart from Navionics, C-MAP and Humminbird charts. It also provides both 2D and 3D chart views. Needless to say, the unit is also compatible with various charts, such as C-Map 4D, Navionics Platinum+, and Gold HotMaps, or Humminbird Mapping.

One of the very neat functions of the ONIX8ci NT Combo is the AutoChart Live. You can use this function to create and customize your own maps, or simply improve the ones that the unit already has, where there isn’t sufficient detail.

Waypoints, routes and tracks are functions offered as well by this unit. Via waypoints, you can mark your favorite fishing spots or any other points on the charts. The routes function allows you to connect waypoints in order to setup a navigation course. The track function features a breadcrumb system for recording your course. The unit’s internal memory can hold up to 5000 waypoints, 50 routes, and 50 tracks.

The unit comes with a 34-channel, built-in GPS antenna. However, the unit does not have an external GPS antenna input. Therefore, it you want to use one, you’ll have to use NMEA GPS adapter. Like most units from Humminbird, this one features GPS speed, meaning that the speed of your boat will be calculated through the GPS system. It also features Precision GPS, with WAAS correction.

Other important to be mentioned navigation options for this unit are i-Pilot Link, Radar HD, AIS, and SmartStrike.

The Humminbird ONIX8ci NT Combo features an 8.4″ display, color TFT, with 16.7 mm colors. It has a pixel matrix of 1024H x 768V offering exquisite HD quality imaging. The unit comes with an gimbal-type mount, but there are available options for in-dashboard mounting. It has 2 SD card slots, great feature if you use an SD card for charts, and one to save data. NMEA 0183 and 2000 connections are also included for this unit.