Hummingbird Fish Finder ONIX10ci SI Combo

Hummingbird Fish Finders - ONIX10ci SI Combo

Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo

The Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo is one of the newest released models for 2014. It features new TouchScreen Multi-Touch technology which, along with a very wide array of other options, places it above most other fish finder models.

The head unit of this excellent navigational tool / fish finder, features a mega 10.4-inch diagonal screen, with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, in brilliant color (TFT), backlit. The screen can be operated like any smartphone or tablet screen, accepting various touchscreen specific commands such as pinching and swiping. Screen snapshots and freeze frame are also possible, just as for other models, and there’s also the possibility of sonar recording.

The ONIX10ci SI Combo offers a superior palette of sonar capabilities. First of all, it has Side Imaging, as the name suggests, but also comes with Down Imaging. Side Imaging is reliable up to 150ft. depths, while Down Imaging up to 350ft. It also comes with the Digital SwitchFire and Dual Beam Plus sonar (20° / 200 kHz, 60° / 83 kHz), with a reliability up to 1,500 feet. Also, regarding its sonar capabilities, this ONIX fish finder is compatible with the 360 Imaging technology as well, but this feature is optional.

It has a power output of 500 RMS / 4000 PTP, however it can be upgraded to 1000 RMS / 8000 PTP, with a deepwater transducer. Its standard transducer is the XT 14 20 HD SI T, and the mounting type Transom.

This unit also features a great deal of GPS and navigational features. GPS Speed, and Precision GPS built in, chartplotting and trackplotting are on the list, the Hummingbird ONIX10ci SI Combo offering storage up to 3,000 waypoints, 200 routes, and 50 / 20,000 tracks / points. Evidently this ONIX unit has a built in mapping package – TriFuel Cartography – which provides a database of maps from LakeMaster, Navionics and C-Map. There’s also a 3D chart view option included. However, the unit does not come with full Navionics Platinum, Navionics Gold HotMaps or Lakemaster, these being only optional.

One of the important included options to be mentioned is NMEA2000, the very useful plug-and-play communications standard option, used to connect marine sensors and display units within ships and boats. One of the optional addons for this and most of the other ONIX and ION units from Humminbird to be mentioned here, is the CHIRP option, which is actually a superior type of sonar technology, which produces much better images than SwitchFire, getting rid of a lot of the noise in the returns, allowing you to actually distinguish between a larger fish present near or into a cloud of bait fish.

Along with the capabilities of this fish finder presented here, there’s quite a bunch remaining, so I’m just going to enumerate them in this last paragraph. The Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo also features a Mark Structure on Sonar function, Temperature Graph and Alarm, the basic Fish ID+, Custom View and Digital Readout, Instant Image Update, Triplog, 2 MMC Slots.