Humminbird Fish Finder ONIX10ci NT SI Combo

Humminbird ONIX10ci Side Imaging GPS Combo

Humminbird ONIX10ci SI NT Combo

The ONIX fish finder series from Humminbird offers quite several models that are pretty much all-inclusive. Some of them come with cross-touch technology, other are non-tactile, commands being inserted exclusively via the unit’s keypad. The ONIX10ci NT SI Combo is one of them.

Just like the cross-touch, ONIX10ci SI Combo, this unit includes pretty much all the features that you would expect from a top-class fish finder and chartplotter. First of all, it features quite a wide screen, measuring 10.4″ in diagonal, with a pixel matrix of 1024H x 768V, full TFT color, and with LED backlight. The unit has two SD card slots, great feature in case you need to use at least two cards, for mapping or sonar recording. Needless to say, like all the other ONIX models, the NT SI one comes with NMEA 2000 and 0183 connections. The unit features a gimbal, standard mount, but the in-dash mount option is also available.

The unit comes with a standard XT 14 20 HDSI T transom transducer. This transducer incorporates a temperature probe, rendering the unit capable of tracking water temperature. Also, when it comes to temperature measuring, this unit has the Temperature Graph function, which can help by a lot in observing the water temperature variances from a spot to another.

When it comes to sonar capabilities, this unit is clearly at the top. It has HD Side Imaging, HD Down Imaging, and Digital Signal Processing, and comes with the transducer to back them up. For standard sonar, DualBeam Plus with Switchfire is also included. The Side Imaging extends up to 240ft. on each side, offering an 180° side-to-side view for the underwater environment. This is completed by the Down Imaging, which scans what’s directly under the boat.

The DualBeam Plus sonar can be operated at 200 / 83 kHz, with a coverage of 20° and respectively 60°. For DI and SI, there’s also dual frequency, they can be operated at 455 / 800 kHz with a coverage of 75° / 45° for DI, and 86° / 55° for SI. This unit is also XD ready, meaning that it can operate with a 50 kHz transducer, for higher depths. It’s also CHIRP-ready, being able to use CHIRP technology sonar, for superior target separation. However, this requires the additional purchase of a CHIRP Ethernet sonar module.

When it comes to depth capabilities, with the standard transducer this unit can scan depths up to 150′ in Side Imaging, 350′ in Down Imaging and 1500′ in standard mode. Of course, with an XtremeDepth (50 kHz) transducer, and an SM3000 CHIRP sonar module, this unit can reach an 1000 watts RMS power output, and can be used at depths up to 10,000′.

Other sonar features include Switchfire, DSP, Selective FishID+ and sonar recording. Switchfire offers the possibility to filter noise quickly, between maximum sonar information, and an image completely clear of noise. This helps quite a bit with distinguishing between targets of various nature. On the other hand, this unit has Digital Signal Processing, meaning that it’s a bit smarter than its predecessors, being able to distinguish between noise, structure, and fish, in order to filter the screen better, in order to provide a clearer view. Selective FishID+ is a more intuitive sonar feature. It simply gives fish icons (of various sizes and colors), to sonar returns interpreted as fish by the unit. And finally, the sonar recording feature gives you the possibility to save sonar on a blank SD card, to show your friends, use it with the Chart View, or simply to upload online.

An important aspect to be mentioned regarding the sonar possibilities of this unit, is its compatibility with 360 Imaging. However, this requires the additional purchase of a 360 Imaging transducer.

In terms of navigation features, the ONIX10ci NT SI Combo also offers quite a range of features. To begin with, it offers the best quality Precision GPS. The unit includes the TriFuel chart pack, combining elements from Navionics, C-Map and Humminbird charts. On top of that, it’s compatible with Navionics Platinum+, Gold and HotMaps, and also with C-Map 4D and Humminbird Mapping. It also has a 3D chart view. Evidently, like most advanced Humminbird units, this particular one has routes, tracks, and waypoints functions. Its internal memory can store up to 5000 waypoints, 50 tracks (20000 points each) and 200 routes.

Last but not least, the Humminbird Onix10ci NT SI Combo supports i-Pilot Link, HD Radar, and of course, it has upgradable internal software.