Hummingbird Fish Finder ION 10 Review

Hummingbird Fish Finders - ION 10

Humminbird ION 10

Along with the ION 12, and the units of the ONIX series, the Humminbird ION 10 stands atop the list of the best fish finding and navigation units provided by Humminbird. It basically offers the same features as the ION 12, only with a smaller screen, and without the wireless connectivity to the web.

ION 10 features a 10.4-inch diagonal display, high-definition and full color TFT (16.7 mm colors), with a 1024H x 768V pixel resolution, and LED backlight. The screen of this unit has the specific ION Multi-Touch technology, which allows it to be operated as any other touchscreen device.

A very important aspect to know about this unit, is that it does not come with a transducer. Althoguh it supports all kinds of sonar technologies, such as Side Imaging, Down Imaging, 360 Imaging, Dual Beam Plus / SwitchFire standard, CHIRP, FishID+ etc., you won’t be able to use it as a fish finder until you additionally purchase a transducer of your choice, and connect it to the ION 10 unit. The sonar coverage and depth capability are also strictly related to the transducer you will add to this Humminbird unit.

When it comes to the navigational features of the ION 10, it has the built-in TriFuel cartography package, but also supports Navionics Platinum+, Gold/HotMaps and C-Map 4D. Its memory can store up to 3,000 waypoints, 200 routes and 50 tracks (20,000 points each). It’s a NMEA 2000 ready unit, which gives you access to a lot of information regarding boat performance, weather and navigational conditions. It does not have internal GPS like most other Humminbird fish finders, and requires and external GPS device. However, it can support all types of external GPS from Humminbird.

Last but not least, the Humminbird ION 10 is an Ethernet-ready unit. Just as the ION 12 model, it allows the connection of IP view cameras, supporting up to four cameras from the Ethernet network. It also supports AIS, HD Radar, i-Pilot Link, and all of its software is upgradable.