Humminbird Fish Finder Ice 45 Review

Humminbird Ice 45

Humminbird Ice 45

The Humminbird Ice 45 is one of the best tools for locating fish when ice fishing. It basically has the same features as the Ice 55, but with two differences.

First of all, the Ice 45 has a LED backlit display featuring 526 segments just like the 55 model, but it only has a 3-color fiber optic LCD center, as opposed to the Ice 55, which has a 6-color LCD center. Its sonar technology involves selectable dual frequency, 240 kHz / 19° @ -3dB / 455 kHz / 9° @ -3dB, providing accurate fish and lure detection in waters up to 200 feet deep, and with a 2,5″ target separation. It has an excellent power output for an ice flasher, 225 Wats RMS / 1800 Watts PTP. The standard transducer type of this unit is an Ice XI 9 19.

Also, as opposed to the Humminbird Ice 55, the Ice 45 does not come with a case. It does feature though a carrying handle, and depending on the weather conditions you’re fishing at, it may not require a case at all. This unit comes with its own charger and battery (10-20 VDC and 12V 7 amp hours battery).

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