HumminbirdPC – About

HumminbirdPC is a software made for managing and organizing data such as tracks, routes and waypoints from your Humminbird unit. It can also be used for upgrading the software of your unit in lack of a card reader.

Via HumminbirdPC you can also organize your .gpx files, you can import waypoints from Lowrance or Garmin, add icons to your waypoints and also view waypoints, tracks and routes in Google Earth. However, it’s not possible to load waypoints found in Google Earth, directly into your unit. Humminbird PC, only uses Google Earth to view tracks, routes and waypoints, in other words to open .gpx files, but so far, there isn’t the possibility to save waypoints as .gpx files and import them into HumminbirdPC. To save certain waypoints that you have found in Google Earth, you must manually write them.

One of the common problems with the installation of Humminbird PC is its interference with the Curse Client, a downloader program for World of Warcraft addons. In case you have the Curse Client installed, it’s recommended to uninstall it, install HumminbirdPC, then re-install your Curse Client. In case you have the paid version of the Curse Client, installing HumminbirdPC may require to create a new user on your PC, with admin rights, and install HumminbirdPC under this new user.

The requirements for downloading and installing HumminbirdPC are a PC with Windows as operating system, at least one USB port and Java 6, updated up to at least 26. Before downloading Humminbird PC, make sure your Windows is up to date, then simply download it and follow the installation instructions.

Before downloading any new software on your Humminbird unit, it’s important to restore all the defaults in your unit, and only then download and install the new software, otherwise certain complication can appear.