Humminbird Fish Finder Ice 55 Review

Humminbird Fish Finder Ice 55The Humminbird Fish Finder Ice 55 is the top fish finder within the Ice series. It’s actually one of the best tools for ice fishing that the winter angler can use, to easily eliminate the “dead water” under the ice, and easily locate the spots with high concentrations of fish.

Evidently, just like the other fish finders for ice fishing, it focuses on sonar features, without having an the usual screen such as the Hummingbird fish finders in the other series. Is features a simple, 6-color fiber optic display, with an LCD center for displaying depth. It also has backlighting, which is quite useful when fishing in dark conditions. It’s actually a flasher, therefore the Humminbird Ice 55 does not have cartography, or any other imaging features such as the depth finders in the other series, which makes this a much cheaper unit.

In terms of sonar capabilities, it has a selectable dual frequency sonar (240 kHz / 19° @ -3dB / 455 kHz / 9° @ -3dB), and will provide you with accurate results on depths up to 200 ft.

The unit comes with its own protective case, and battery is included.