Humminbird Fish Finder HELIX 5 DI Review

Humminbird HELIX 5 DI

Humminbird HELIX 5 DI

Chartplotting and GPS are two features that typically burden the price of a fish finder unit. Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable unit with Down Imaging, but without these features, the HELIX 5 DI from Humminbird should be on your list. It basically offers the same fish finding potential as the HELIX 5 DI GPS Combo, but without the navigational features, and of course, with a substantial price reduction.

Just like the other models of the HELIX series, the head unit of the HELIX 5 DI has pretty much the same layout and size. Has a 256 color TFT display, 5-inch in diagonal, with a pixel matrix of 800H X 480V. It also has LED backlight which offers superior readability even in direct sunlight. The unit’s power output is 500 Watts RMS (4,000 Watts PTP).

The unit does not have any SD card slots, and it is not capable of supporting any type of cartography pack, nor does support GPS. It’s pretty much a basic, color fish finder. And when it comes to its fish finding capabilities, here’s what you’ll get.

First of all, it has two types of sonar: Down Imaging and DualBeam Plus. Both types of sonar have two modes each. You can operate the DualBeam Plus at 200 kHz with a coverage of 28°, or at 455 kHz with a coverage of 16°. DI can also operate in two frequencies: 455 kHz / 75° coverage , or 800 kHz / 45° coverage. Its depth capability extends to 350 ft. for Down Imaging, and 600 ft. for the DualBeam Plus broadband sonar.

The sonar features also include SwitchFire, Selective FishID+, and Ice Flasher mode. With SwitchFire you can view the Max Mode and Clear Mode of broadband sonar, separately or simultaneously. Max Mode offers maximum detail, up to the point where you can see your jig on screen. Clear Mode takes out as much clutter as possible, focusing only on the important targets. The FishID+ simply replaces the regular fish arches with fish icons on the screen, if of course, certain parameters are met, and a target is considered fish by the unit.

The HELIX 5 DI although does have the Freeze Frame function, and Real Time Sonar, it does not have Sonar Recording. In other words, you won’t be able to record the sonar returns for a certain portion of water to review later, or scroll back though the sonar.

The transducer this unit comes with, is a XNT 9 DI T, transom type. It also has a temperature sensor built-in. There are also other transducers available (separately) for this unit, such as the one for trolling, XTM 9 DI 25 T, or through hull XPTH 9 DI T.