How To Catch Black Sea Bream – Tackle for Black Bream

Black sea bream are the sheepshead of northern Europe, being part from the same family – Sparidae, actually, just as the sheepshead. Even though their maximum size is 60 cm, and their average size is between 35 – 40 cm, fishing for black sea bream is a lot of fun. Therefore, if you haven’t tried caught black sea bream so far, and you would like to give it a try, here are a few pointers regarding bait, tackle and their habitat.

Black Sea Bream – Habitat and Habits

Black sea bream can be found in northern Europe and read more

5 Best Lures For Spring Bass

The best bass fishing is and will always be done with artificial baits. But when it comes to lures for bass, there are so many choices to make. Even more, largemouth bass fishing during spring calls for a few specific lures. Therefore, if you want to have excellent results on spring bass, the following lures shouldn’t be missing from your tacklebox.

1. Straight and curly tail plastic worms. The plastic worm is one of the essential lures for bass. They come in many shapes, read more

How To Catch Peacock Bass – Tackle for Peacock Bass

As the name suggests, peacock bass are beautiful fish, endowed extraordinary fighting qualities which makes them prized fish by sports fishermen. Very often travel agencies organize fishing trips to Florida, Hawaii or Brazil, having as main goal the fishing of peacock bass.

There are quite a few species of peacock bass, but when it comes to their fishing methods, tackle and baits, they’re pretty much the same for all of them. Many anglers actually use the same tackle as they would use for read more

7 Useful Tips For Surf Fishing

Surf Fisherman

1. Surf fishing is dynamic. You have to search for the fish, or for a good fishing spot, rather than waiting for the fish to come and grab your bait. That’s why it’s best to use only one rod. If you will want to use multiple rods, you’ll basically become tied to a smaller portion of the shore, and it’s best to never go to far from them, because a big one can always bits and break one of your rods before you reach it, break the line or simply unhooking itself.

2. read more

How To Catch Striped Bass – Tackle for Stripers

Striped bass are anadromous fish, meaning they migrate to fresh water to spawn. They typically have an average size of 2-3 ft. (10-30lb. weight), which places them on quite a high position of U.S. game fish. They’re actually the top game fish for quite a few states, Maryland, South Carolina and Rhode Island for fresh water, and New York, Virginia and New Hampshire for salt water.

Regardless where you catch them though, out at sea or on fresh water streams or lakes, striped bass are solid read more