How To Catch Lingcod – Tackle for Lingcod

Lingcod is one of the most prized fish, native to the North American coast, for the thrill of the game, but also for its taste.

Although it’s not closely related to ling, nor cod, lingcod has earned its name due to quite a resemblance to both these fish.

Lingcod fishing has its specifics. So, if you want to put this fish on your trophy list, here are a few things to know about it.

Lingcod – Habitat and Habits

Lingcod are popular in the North American west coast waters, widespread from Shumagin Islands of the Alaskan Gulf, read more

A Few Useful Bits of Advice For Night Fishing

Night fishing can be productive and a lot of fun, but it comes with its own specifics. And overlooking some of the aspects of a night fishing trip can lead to a completely disagreeable experience. Therefore, here are a few bits of advice regarding night fishing.

Headlights, flashlights, spotlights. Evidently, if you’re going to be fishing in the dark, light will be one of the most important things that you’ll need. When it comes to this, you’re going to need a read more

Using Squid As Bait – A Few Things To Know

Squid is one of the best “all around” baits an angler can have. It’s quite effective, it’s fairly cheap, comes frozen and you won’t have to go through the trouble of keeping it alive (unless of course, you choose to fish with live squid). Squid strips also go very well in combination with other baits, creating very appealing presentations for various fish that you may target.

As rule of thumb, if you want to use squid as bait, it’s best to opt for the thickest read more

How to Catch Mahi-mahi – Tackle for Mahi-mahi

Mahi-mahi, dorado or dolphin fish, are some of the most beautiful fish of the seas. They’re also some of the fastest growing fish, being able to reach their average 15-25 lb. weight in less than two years.

They’re sought by anglers for their size, beauty, and food quality, but mostly because the quality of their fishing. Also, they are the easiest to catch among the game, blue water fish. Once hooked, a mahi-mahi fights strenuously, with acrobatic jumps, similar to blue marlin.

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