Lists For Discontinued and No Longer Supported Humminbird Fish Finders

Each year, typically around October, Humminbird is releasing new products. Along with new releases, various older Hummingbird fish finders are discontinued, due to inavailability of parts, non-efficient costs etc. However, even though some of the fish finder units are announced (or not) as discontinued, tech support and software update is still supported.

Now, for 2014, two whole series were discontinued, along with quite a few products from other series. So, here’s a list of fish finders read more

Can You Transfer Waypoints From Lowrance To Humminbird Fish Finders?

The answer is YES. And in this post I’m going to provide you with some information on how to do this.

First of all, you need to know that the waypoints in a Lowrance unit require conversion. It’s not exactly a drag-and-drop process. To do this, you will be needing an SD card for waypoints import – export, and SD card reader and the HumminbirdPC software.

Step 1.

Save your waypoints from your Lowrance unit onto the SD card. This file, when loaded is named data.usr. In case you don’t read more

Dual Beam vs Tri Beam Sonar

If you’re trying to decide between a dual beam and a tri beam sonar fish finder, to make sure you get the one that fits best to your needs, I hope this post will help.

First of all, this is how a dual beam and a tri beam works.

A dual beam sonar projects two concentric cone sonic beams into the water, directly under the boat, under the transducer, to be more specific. One is wider, with a 60° opening, and will help you find stuff faster, because it scans more water. However, read more

The Difference Between TFT and HD LED Display in Humminbird Fish Finders

First of all, the difference between TFT and LED screens is the lighting. TFT screens have CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamps) back lighting, while LED screens, not surprisingly, have LED back lighting. LED backlight screens are a bit more efficient than the CCFL ones since they have less flicker. Also, LED backlit screens consume less battery.

Now, when it comes to Humminbird fish finders, most of the models have LED read more