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Hummingbird Fish Finder 386ci Combo Portable Review

Humminbird Fish Finders - 386ci Combo PT

Humminbird 386ci Combo Portable

The Humminbird 386ci Combo PT is one of the best portable fish finders with chartplotting, in terms of price / quality ratio. Excellent to fit on your kayak or rental boat, and comes with charger, 7 Amp Hour AGM Battery, and its soft-sided carry case.

Although it does not have Side Imaging or Down Imaging, and does not support 360 Imaging it does have Dual Beam Plus sonar with SwitchFire, which makes available two sonar frequencies: 200 kHz, with a 20° view, and 83 kHz with a wider, 60° view. You can observe both views in split screen. It also has the Selective FishID+ view mode. This unit has a depth capability of 1,500 ft.

The power output of the 386ci Combo Portable is 500 Watts (RMS) / 4,000 Watts (PTP). It comes with a standard transducer, Transom XPT-9-20-T.

It has a color TFT screen (256 colors grayscale), with 3.5-inch diagonal screen, 240H x 320V pixel resolution. The screen has LED backlight, which maximizes its readability, in direct sunlight, or during night fishing.

In terms of navigational capabilities, this unit has precision GPS and GPS Speed included. It has the built-in UniMap cartography pack, and can also support Lakemaster and Navionics Gold / HotMaps. You can store up to 2,500 waypoints, 50 routes and 50 tracks (20,000 points each) with it, to make sure you never miss a great fishing spot.

This unit does not have Ethernet, and does not support superior navigational options, such as Radar2, NMEA2000, or iPilotLink.

Hummingbird Fish Finder 346c DI Review

Hummingbird Fish Finders - 346c Down Imaging

Humminbird 346c DI

If you’re looking for cheap fresh water fish finder with Down Imaging, the Humminbird 346c DI, is one of the best choices you can make. It’s a unit that focuses exclusively on fish finding functions, without having any navigational features that would considerably increase its price.

This fish finder comes with a smaller head unit, having a 3.5-inch diagona screen, 240H X 320V, with a full color and backlit display. It’s quite a capable depth finder, being equipped with Dual Beam Plus sonar and SwitchFire, which allows it to be operated on two frequencies (separately or simultaneously), at 200 kHz / 28° and 455 kHz / 16°, with a depth capability up to 600 ft. The Down Imaging sonar also has two operability modes: 455 kHz / 75°, or 800 kHz / 45°, with a depth capability up to 350 ft. Its power output is 500 Watts (RMS / 4,000 Watts (PTP). The standard transducer of this unit is a Transom XNT-9-DI-T, and comes with a Quick Disconnect mounting kit.

Other significant fish finding options to mention regarding the 346c DI, are the selective FishID+, temperature alarm and Mark Structure on Sonar, which can be very useful for marking fishing spots, even if this unit does not have chartplotting and trackplotting, and the possibility to create and save waypoints.

Hummingbird Fish Finder 385ci DI Combo Review

Hummingbird 385ci DI Combo

385ci DI Combo

Among the Hummingbird fish finders in the 300 series, the Hummingbird fish finder 385ci DI Combo is one of the newest models, and clearly one of the most performant. The price of this unit is also not bad, considering all its capabilities.

Although it’s one of the small fish finder units from Humminbird, the 385ci DI Combo is endowed with a full color screen with LED backlight. It features a diagonal of 3.5 inches, having a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

The 385ci DI Combo is also one of the best Hummingbird chartplotters. It has quite a reliable and precise GPS, and it comes with the UniMap mapping package, which covers the whole continental U.S. coastline, providing you with accurate charts in almost any location you want to wet your line.

It’s also compatible with the Navionics Gold and HotMaps, and LakeMaster, featuring a memory card slot for this type of upgrade.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 385ci DI Combo has great capabilities for finding fish. It has DualBeam Plus sonar just like the Hummingbird fish finders in the 800, 900 and 1100 series, which allows you to observe in split screen both the returns of the sonar from the 60° and the 20° sonic beams, or even blended together, for a much better appreciation of the bottom and of the game or bait fish that pass under your boat.

Of course, the 385ci DI Combo fish finder has Down Imaging technology, which is even better than the SwitchFire display that most fish finders have, allowing you to see images of the underwater world close to the clarity of a photo. With this piece of technology, fish will literally have nowhere to hide.

It’s memory can store up to 2,000 waypoints, so you can save the location of each and every great fishing spot that you wish to revisit in the future. Plus, you can add therer up to 50 routes and 50 tracks.

Like all the other Hummingbird Fish Finders, the 385ci DI Combo has a one year warranty.

Hummingbird Fish Finder 386ci DI Combo Review

Humminbird 386ci DI Combo

The Humminbird 386ci DI Combo is one of the cheapest units with Down Imaging available at the moment. Although it’s a small unit, it does provide quite an assortment of features. It’s equipped with a LED backlight, brilliant color screen, 256 TFT, 3.5-inch, 320×240 pixel resolution, with a quick-disconnect, in-dash, mounting system for the head unit.

Has Dual Beam Plus sonar, with a coverage of 200 kHz / 25° or 455 kHz / 16° in SwitchFire, and 455 kHz / 75° or 800 kHz / 45° in Down Imaging, slightly different from its predecessor, the 385ci DI Combo. The power output of the 386ci DI Combo is 500 Watts (RMS) / 4000 Watts (PTP), making this unit viable for depths up to 600 feet, in SwitchFire mode, or 350 feet in Down Imaging mode.

Among the features useful for finding fish can also be enumerated the temperature indicator, the Selective Fish ID+ option which replaces the normal view, giving each fish an icon indicating its depth, and depth measuring function.

This unit can also be used as a navigational tool. It has Precision GPS, trackplotting and chartplotting properties. It can store up to 2,500 waypoints, 50 tracks (20,000 pts. each), and 50 routes. It comes with the built in UniMap package, which covers the U.S. in-land lakes and rivers, as well as the continental U.S. coastline. It features an SD card slot, and can be upgraded with a Navionics Gold, LakeMaster or HotMaps SD card.

Has one year warranty, like all the other fish finders from Humminbird.

Hummingbird Fish Finder 398ci SI Combo Review

Humminbird 398ci SI Combo

This is one of the smallest Humminbird units with SI and DI technology on it, and also one of the cheapest fish finders available featuring these options. Similar to the other Humminbird fish finders within the 300 series, the Humminbird 398ci SI Combo is equipped with a small screen 3.5-inch in diagonal, 320×240 pixel resolution, LED backlight, full color.

This unit has a power output of 500 watts RMS, (4000 watts PTP). It’s equipped with a Dual Beam Plus sonar, just like the 386ci Combo, with SwitchFire technology, which can be operated at 200 kHz/20° or 83 kHz/60°. Both 20° and 60° returns can be observed in split-screen mode. Although it’s specified to be reliable at depths of 1500 feet, accuracy in detail is reduced for depths over 600 feet.

All sonar readings are recordable and can be played later. Other functions, very useful for finding fish are the snapshot and waypoint recording options, this unit being able to record up to 2,500 waypoints.

The Humminbird 398ci SI Combo is also equipped with a precision internal GPS, therefore it can serve as a navigational tool. It has the basic Unimap pack, which covers mapping for inland lakes, inland rivers (30 m / pixel) and the continental U.S. coastline. It also features a single SD card slot, for Lakemaster, Navionics Gold, or HotMaps cards.

Although this unit is listed as waterproof, like most of the other units, it’s best to keep water out of it a much a possible, especially salt water.

Last but not least, the 398ci SI Combo has a tilt and swivel, quick disconnection system, permitting a better operability. It has a one year warranty.

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