A Few Things To Know About Humminbird Ice Flashers

Humminbird ice flashers are fish finders designed for stationary use, for fishing on ice. They are nothing more than portable sonar units, and allow the angler “to see” the bottom, their jig or bait, and see if there are any fish directly under the sonar, or if any fish follow the jig.

Ice flashers cannot be used on a moving boat, and also their transducer cannot be used with a Humminbird unit designed for boats, such as one from the 300, 600, or 900 series. However, when it comes to this, if you would like to use an ice transducer for your regular Humminbird fish finder, the XI 9 20 ice transducer is the one designed for such purpose. The transducer that comes with an ice flasher is XI 9 19.

The transducer of an ice flasher comes with two cables: one is the signal cable and the other one is the support cable. If the transducer of the regular fish finders (i.e. the ones in the 300, 500, 600 series etc) must be attached to the hull of your boat, the transducer of an ice flasher unit does not need to be attached on anything. It is simply to be dropped down into the ice hole, and once the unit is on, it will begin to send readings to the display unit.

The depth coverage of the ice flashers is 1/6 depth for the 455kHz beam, and 1/3 for 240kHz beam. In other words, at 30 feet depth, the 455kHz beam will read 5 feet bottom coverage, while the 240kHz beam will read 10 feed bottom coverage. The target separation in normal mode, is 2.5 inches and 2 inches in zoom mode. All Humminbird ice flashers, have a 200 ft. depth capability, except the Ice 597ci HD Combo, which has a depth capability of 1000 ft.

Each type of Humminbird ice flasher comes with a specific battery charger. The Humminbird Ice 35 and 45 have 7 amp hour battery/charger while the Humminbird Ice 55 has a 9 amp hour battery/charger.