Hummingbird Fish Finder 958c DI Combo Review

Hummingbird 958c DI Combo

958c DI Combo

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 958c DI Combo is also a great tool for navigation and finding fish, to have on your boat. It’s one of the best Hummingbird Fish Finders without Side Imaging. However, besides the absence of this feature, they have pretty much anything else.

The Humminbird 958c DI Combo is one of the wide screen fish finders, providing you with an excellent, full color view of the environment under your boat. It’s equipped with a 480 x 800 pixel resolution screen, 8 inches wide, with CCFL backlight. It’s power output is 4,000 Watts PtP.

Has DualBeam Plus sonar technology, which means that you can see in split screen both the 20° and 60° Switchfire sonar returns. Also, since it has Down Imaging, it will actually convert the SwitchFire returns into images with photo-like clarity. This way, you will basically see everything that passes under your boat, fish, structures, trees, rocks, pits or ditches, displayed in very concrete images.

The Down Imaging works flawlessly in waters of up to 250ft. depth. Also, in case you’re venturing into waters deeper than that, you can always rely on the SwitchFire returns.

As far as it concerns this Hummingbird fish finder’s navigational potential, it has a very precise external GPS and it’s a great tool for chartplotting and trackplotting. Therefore you will be able to create and save your itineraries, and also reconstruct a previous route at anytime. Plus, the waypoint system is great, you can always mark down a hot fishing spot, or a sunken structure to revisit whenever you want.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 958c DI Combo is also equipped with the ContourXD package which covers a wide range of lakes in the United States. So basically, if you’re going somewhere and there’s a lake nearby, you’ll already have it’s hydrographic map written into your fish finder’s database, and you will be able to see the lake’s depth contour lines, and find all the drops or channels with fish.

The 958c DI Combo can store in its memory, up to 50 routes, 3,000 waypoints and 50 tracks.

Last but not least, just like all the other Hummingbird Fish Finder 998c SI Combo or 1198c SI Combo, or basically any fish finder in the 900 and 1100 series, the 958c DI Combo it Ethernet capable, so you can share the waypoints of the hottest fishing spots and even sonar with other anglers. It has a Navionics and LakeMaster card slot as well, so you can upgrade the mapping database with the best, 3D maps featured by Navionics.

All in all, this is a great fish finder, for a very nice price, considering the multitude of its capabilities. So, if you’re not interested in Side Imaging, this unit may be exactly what your fishing boat needs.