Hummingbird Fish Finder 858c Combo Review

Humminbird 858c Combo

858c Combo

Although the Hummingbird Fish Finder 898c Combo won’t provide you with the Side Imaging or Down Imaging options like the 898 model, it still does have quite a nice range of options, and will improve your fishing experience by a lot.

It’s equipped with full color widescreen, 7-inch diagonal, with the same excellent 480V x 800H pixel resolution display as the 898c SI Combo model.

Although it doesn’t have only a 4000 Watts PTP power output, it still does have the DualBeam Plus sonar technology, reliable for 1500ft depths. If optionally equipped with a 200 / 50 kHz transducer, it will upgrade its depth penetration up to 2000ft.

As I said, the Hummingbird Depth Finder 858c Combo model does not have the SI or DI option, its SwitchFire returns are pretty accurate, allowing you to distinguish almost every shape in the waters you’re fishing. With this fish finder equipped on your boat you will be able to find the big ones you’re looking for, as well as bait fish.

This Humminbird unit has the ContourXD mapping database too, giving you access to 3000 U.S. lake maps, it’s compatible with Navionics and LakeMaster charts. It’s GPS features include the 50 channels GPS, trackplotting and chartplotting turning this electronic device in much more than just a fish finder.

Just like any of the other high-end Hummingbird Fish Finders, the 858c Combo has a 3000 waypoints, 50 routes and 50 tracks memory.