Hummingbird Fish Finder 788ci HD Combo Review

Hummingbird Fish Finder 788ci HD Combo

788ci HD Combo

This is the best of the Hummingbird Fish Finders in the 700 Series that you can get whitout Down Imaging and Side Imaging. Anyway, listed below are the whole range of features and benefits that the Hummingbird Fish Finder 788ci HD Combo will provide you with.

First of all, it’s endowed with the 5″, 256 TFT Color display, 640V x 640H pixel resolution, with LED backlight. It has DualBeam Plus/SwitchFire technology which supplies you with excellent returns of the bottom contours, allowing you to make an accurate estimation of what’s under the boat, and of course, track fish and structures in the SwitchFire Max Mode or Clear Mode. DualBeam Plus is a sonar system reliable for 1500ft depths.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 788ci HD Combo has a 50 Channel Internal GPS, chartplotting and trackplotting capabilities. It does not have the ContourXD mapping package, but it has the Humminbird UnitMap database, which covers the continental U.S. coastline and a part of the in-land waters at 30 meters per pixel resolution.

Last but not least, this Humminbird fish finder has a 3,000 waypoints memory, 50 tracks (20,000 points each) and 50 routes. Has Ethernet and InterLink options and allowing you to connect to other Hummingbird units, to share GPS,  sonar, waypoints and more.

As a final word on the 788ci HD combo, I must say that if you’re familiar with the SwitchFire technology from Humminbird and you don’t rely on Down Imaging or Side Imaging, this is a super Hummingbird unit to have. For only 600 bucks you will be the possessor of one of the top Hummingbird Fish Finders.