Hummingbird Fish Finder 778c HD Review

Humminbird 778c HD

778c HD

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 778c HD is the cheapest color model in the Humminbird 700 series. Although it doesn’t have Side Imaging and Down Imaging technology is quite a reliable fish finder.

This unit has a medium size, 5-inch full color HD display, with ultra high- 640×640 pixel resolution and LED backlight. Due to its HD display, even without SI and DI, you will still be able to gather valuable information about what’s under your boat and detect the places where the big ones are hiding.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 778c HD is equipped with the powerful DualBeam Plus/SwitchFire sonar, reliable up to 1500 ft depths, with a 4000 watts PTP power output. You will be able to adjust your scans in a 20 degree, or 60 degree beam due to the DualBeam Plus, depending on necessity, and the SwitchFire gives you the possibility to observe the results in Max or Clear Mode.

Although it doesn’t have super GPS features like the superior Hummingbird Fish Finders, the Hummingbird Fish Finder 778c HD is also GPS capable with a 16 channels GPS or an optional 50 Channels one. However, since it has the Ethernet option, you can connect it to another Hummingbird Fish Finder to share waypoints, sonar and GPS.

It has a memory of 750 waypoints and 10 tracks (2,000 points each).