Hummingbird Fish Finder 596c HD Review

Humminbird 596c HD

596c HD

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 596c HD is a unit focused only on tracking fish, designed to support any angler for locating the big ones or even the bait clouds, in waters up to 1200 ft. deep.

It has a 4000 PTP power output, and it’s equipped with Dual Beam Plus sonar technology, so you can scan the volume of water under your boat with a 20°, sharper sonar beam, or with a wider, 60° beam.

This unit does not have Down Imaging or Side Imaging, nor it has any GPS, trackplotting or chartplotting compatibility. However, it does it’s fish tracking job, and depth and temperature measuring,  quite accurately. Its 5-inch wide, full-color, HD screen, with a 640×640 pixel resolution, will provide you with the best detail of what’s under your boat. The images are pretty clean, with no extra, unwanted pixelation, very bright and totally readable whether your unit is in direct sunlight or it’s dark.

The Humminbird 596c HD comes with a quick-disconnect mounting system which is great especially if you have two or more boats. There’s a “BUT” though. Depending on how long your boat is, the cable this unit comes with might not be long enough, so you might find yourself with the need to purchase extra cable. Also, especially if you’re a salt water fisherman, make sure you keep it dry, because salt water is really corrosive to the components of any electronic device.