Hummingbird Fish Finder 587ci HD Combo Review

Humminbird 587ci HD Combo

587ci HD Combo

Although a smaller unit than the 597ci HD Combo, Hummingbird Fish Finder 587ci HD Combo has GPS capabilities and quite a wide range of features that will considerably improve your fish finding and navigational possibilities.

Hummingbird Fish Finder 587ci HD Combo has a 4.5-inch display, 640 x 480 pixel resolution, full color and high definition. Since the screen is full color, the interpretation of the sonar returns is much easier and accurate, so you will be able to distinguish better between fish and other objects.

Although the sonar of the Hummingbird Fish Finder 587ci HD Combo isn’t as powerful as the one featured by the 900 series or the 1100 series. This unit is equipped with DualBeam Plus/SwitchFire sonar, with a 2400 Watts PtP, with 1000ft capability. Allowing you to scan the underwater world in two distinctive modes, with two beams, 20° or 60° cone, under the boat. It’s not a SI Hummingbird Fish Finder or a DI fish finder from Humminbird, but once you get used to the SwitchFire mode, this unit will become indispensable.

Its GPS capabilities include a 50 channel Internal GPS and Chartplotting. This unit has the built-in UnitMap cartography, which makes it a reliable navigational device. The UniMap covers the continental U.S. coastline and in-land lakes and rivers at 30 meters/pixel resolution. Also, this Hummingbird Fish Finder has a single SD card slot for loading LakeMaster or Navionics charts.

Just like the Top Hummingbird Fish Finders, the 587ci HD Combo has a memory that can store up to 3,000 waypoints, 50 routes and 50 tracks.