Hummingbird Fish Finder 571 HD DI Review

Humminbird 571 HD DI

Humminbird 571 HD DI

This is another Humminbird unit that provides the basic fish finding features, plus Down Imaging.

The Humminbird 571 HD DI is a monochrome unit, with quite a wide screen, 5-inch in diagonal, 640 x 320 pixel resolution 16 LvL greyscale. It’s an HD unit, delivering images of higher accuracy, in SwitchFire and Down Imaging.

It’s sonar capabilities are similar to the ones of the 561 DI model: 00 kHz / 28° or 455 kHz / 16° in SwitchFire mode, and 800 kHz / 45° or 455 kHz / 75° in DI mode. The unit is listed as reliable for 600 feet depths in classic sonar mode, or 350 feet for Down Imaging. However, Down Imaging may not be as accurate in waters over 200 feet deep. Its power output is 500 Watts (RMS).

The basic functions covered by this unit are depth and temperature measurement, and fish tracking. It also has the Fish ID function, which basically interprets the shapes detected for you, pointing out the fish and their depth.

Has a quick disconnect, in-dash mount.

Finally, the warranty of the unit is one year.