Hummingbird Fish Finder 570 Portable Review

Humminbird 570 Portable

570 Portable

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 570 Portable is quite a basic fish finder, but it’s very useful for anglers that can’t use their boat for any fishing trip.

This Humminbird fish finder doesn’t have any fancy GPS features, nor it has Down Imaging and Side Imaging. However, is quite a reliable tool for tracking fish, providing any angler with accurate returns about the bottom, fish, sunken trees, everything that passes under the boat, measuring depth and water temperature. All in all this tool will tell you about anything that you should know about the underwater environment, to improve your angling experience.

It’s equipped with a grayscale 12 level screen, 5-inch diagonal, 640V x 320H high pixel resolution. It has a Dual Beam sonar, which allows you to filter your view from a 20° more accurate beam, to a wider view, from a 60° sonar beam. Since it’s not a Dual Beam Plus sonar, unfortunately you won’t be able to observe both the 20° and 60° views in split screen. But anyway, you will be able to see where the fish are, especially if you use the fish ID option. Although this fish finder is designed to be functional for waters up to 800 ft. deep, I wouldn’t recommend it for deep water fishing. To be sure you will benefit from great results in deep waters, one of the superior Hummingbird Fish Finders is more indicated, like the 898c SI Combo, or the 998c SI Combo.

In general, you should know that the accuracy of your fish finder’s returns, depends on the water and weather conditions, boat speed and the bottom hardness.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 570 Portable has a PTP power output of 2000 Watts. It comes along with an AGM battery that lasts for quite a few fishing trips, and its charger of course. However, even if the battery will last for quite a long while, it’s a good idea to recharge it before any fishing expedition. The price of this Humminbird fish finder also includes a portable case, a very useful accessory for a portable device like this model.