Hummingbird Fish Finder 570 DI Review

Humminbird 570 DI

570 DI

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 570 DI is a device that focuses only on finding fish. Although it doesn’t have any GPS capabilities, its Down Imaging is a reliable feature that will enable you to clearly distinguish between fish and other objects that pass under your boat.

It has a medium size screen, 5-inch wide with 640V x 320H pixel resolution, monochromatic – FSTN LCD.

Its sonar capabilities include DualBeam Plus/SwitchFire and Down Imaging. The Down Imaging is reliable for up to 250ft depths and the SwitchFire returns are accurate in waters down to 800ft deep, with a 2000 Watts PtP power output. In fact, if you’re fishing in waters less deeper than 250ft, this Humminbird unit can be as good as a 900 series Hummingbird Fish Finder or 1100 series Hummingbird Fish Finder that has Down Imaging.

It’s also equipped with a quick-disconnect mounting system. This feature allows you to quickly remove unit head from the mount. It also gives this fish finder the ability to tilt and swivel.

If you’re not looking for navigational capabilities in your Hummingbird unit, the Hummingbird 570 DI is not a bad choice. Even if it’s not one of the SI Hummingbird Fish Finders , its clear images provided by its Down Imaging are just about what you need to determine the contour of the bottom, measure the water depth and of course, locate the big ones in every fishing trip. It’s a great choice for the recreational fisherman, for a good price.