Hummingbird Fish Finder 386ci Combo Review

386ci Combo

The Humminbird 386ci Combo is one of the smaller units which have quite a bundle of options. First of all, even though it has a small screen, 3.5″ diagonal with a 320×240 pixel resolution, it has a LED display, 256 color TFT. Of course, if you’re using a fish finder just for tracking fish, a monochrome can be just as effective. However, if you want to take advantage of the chartplotting features, color helps a lot. And yes, this unit has chartplotting and trackplotting features, being equipped with the UniMap chart package. It’s also compatible with Navionics Gold/Hot Maps and LakeMaster Maps, but these SD cards don’t come with this fish finder. If you want one of these upgrades, it’s an additional purchase.

The 386ci Combo can store up to 50 tracks (20,000 pts. each), 50 routes and up to 2,500 waypoints. It also has Precision GPS allowing you to see your current position, based on the signals received from various satelites.

This unit comes with DualBeam Plus sonar, 200kHz (20° beam) / 83 kHz (60° beam), and you can run both these options and see the returns in split screen. It does not have Down Imaging or Side Imaging. Also the Chart View can be displayed in split-screen with the sonar view. The sonar of this unit reliable for depths up to 1500ft., having a power output of 500 Watts RMS (4000 Watts Peak-to-Peak).

Last but not least, the 386ci Humminbird has a quick disconnect mounting system, which allows more flexibility when operating it.