Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c Review

Humminbird 345c


The Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c unit is another Humminbird model without GPS and chartplotting features, designed exclusively for finding fish. Although it’s a small unit, it performs slightly better than other superior fish finders in the 500 series.

Similar to the Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c Portable, this unit has a 3.5-inch brilliant color display, with LED backlight. Its screen has a 320 x 240 pixel resolution, more than enough to locate game and bait fish, and get a clear picture about the bottom contour.

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 345c has a DualBeam Plus sonar which allows you to observe in split screen both the 200 kHz and 83 kHz returns. This way you’ll understand better which objects that are passing under your boat are fish and which aren’t. Using this unit I got pretty nice fish arch returns. The sonar has a depth penetration down to 1000 feet. For a small unit it has quite some wattage: 300 Watts (RMS) and 2400 Watts (PTP).

In conclusion, the 345c fish finder from Humminbird is a great tool to have on your boat for finding fish. Since it doesn’t have chartplotting and GPS capabilities it’s quite cheap. Therefore, for a nice price you will get a super fish finder.

Like all Hummingbird Fish Finders, the 345c model comes with a one year warranty.