Hummingbird Fish Finder 1158c DI Combo Review

Humminbird 1158c DI Combo

1158c DI Combo

The Hummingbird Fish Finder 1158c DI Combo is one of the new models of high-quality fish finders from Humminbird. It was actually scheduled for release for 2012, but apparently they’ve already made it available.

Just like the other Hummingbird fish finders in the 1100 series, the 1158c DI combo is a big one. It has all the features and capabilities of the Hummingbird 1198c SI Combo, but without the Side Imaging technology.

The new 1158c DI Combo features a LED backlight display, 10.4 inches wide, full color, with a 600 x 800 pixel resolution, which means that you will benefit from a very nice and detailed overview of what’s under the boat in Down Imaging mode. You will even be able to see your jig while angling.

The Hummingbird fish finder 1158c DI Combo is equipped with DualBeam Plus sonar technology, meaning that you will be able to observe both 20° and 60° returns side by side, in split screen, or blended together for a more complete survey of the underwater environment. This unit features excellent wattage, going up to 4000 Watts PTP power output. As far as it concerns the DI reliability, you can get clear images down to 250ft.

This Hummingbird fish finder can also serve as a great navigational tool. It’s endowed with a very precise GPS, and has chartplotting and trackplotting functions. It also comes with the built-in ContourXD package (a 3,000+ U.S. lakes database) which will give you a great overview of almost any lake in the U.S. It’s Navionics and LakeMaster compatible, but the Navionics card is not included in the package.

Its memory card can store up to 3,000 waypoints, 50 tracks – 20,000 points each, and up to 50 itineraries that you can reconstruct anytime you want.

Last but not least, the Hummingbird Fish Finder 1158c DI Combo is Ethernet compatible, and you can share waypoints or sonar with other Hummingbird Fish Finders.